Welcome to Playoff 3-man!
If this is your first time visiting our site, welcome. We encourage you to read all about the 3-man concept by clicking on the "What Is 3-Man" link above. If you are here to join the 3-man playoff challenge, please follow these steps.
1. Click on "Join A League" to the right
2. When prompted use "3man" for the LeagueID and "3man" for the password
3. Create your user profile
4. Send your $40 entry fee via paypal to "3manleague@gmail.com"
5. Make your selection of QB, RB, and WR prior to kickoff of the first game and then root like crazy for your team!
That's it! It's a fun way to ease into the offseason. We will have weekly payouts plus the top 2 teams with the hightest point total will share in a season ending prize.
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